Open your EPR in just a few steps

Six steps to your EPR

  • 1.

    Choice of EPR provider

    You can find all certified EPR providers plus key information in the overview portal below in order to choose a provider. Additional information and support are also available from patient organisations, healthcare leagues and specialists in the healthcare sector.

  • 2.

    Find opening location

    Depending on the EPR provider, the opening can be completed digitally and/or in person at a hospital, pharmacy or public entity (e.g. post office). You can also access this information in the overview portal below.

  • 3.

    Obtain an electronic identity

    To securely access an EPR, you need a certified electronic identity. How you get this varies between EPR providers. For some, it happens in the same step as opening the EPR. You can find out which providers are certified according the Federal Act on Electronic Patient Records on the overview page showing providers of electronic identification methods. You can find further information on electronic identities accepted by the individual EPR providers on their websites.

    The following Information is available in German, French or Italian)

  • 4.

    Consent for the EPR

    Before the EPR can be opened, you must be consent in writing or digitally. The consent is only valid if you have previously been provided with detailed information on the EPR and its rules.

  • 5.

    Open your EPR

    To open your EPR, you must prove your identity and therefore need a valid form of identification from the following list:

    • Swiss passport
    • Swiss identity card
    • B, C, Ci, F*, G, L, N*, S* permit
    • Any legitimation card issued by the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA)

    You will also need to enter your OASI number so that you can obtain a unique patient identification number. You can find your OASI number on your Swiss health insurance card. If you do not have an OASI number, the EPR provider can request one for you.

    The following Information is available in German, French or Italian)

  • 6.

    Set up your EPR

    Now you can log in to your EPR via the access portal of your EPR provider. You can search for a healthcare professional in the EPR and grant them access rights, manage your documents and file your own documents in the EPR.