Who is the EPR designed for?

Voluntary for all members of the public

Everyone in Switzerland can open an EPR. This is voluntary and free of charge, and the EPR can be closed again at any time. And even though it’s called a “patient record”, you don’t need to be ill to have an EPR – people who are healthy can open one too.

Mandatory for inpatient facilities and newly licensed physicians

Under the Federal Act on the Electronic Patient Record, the following inpatient facilities are required to adopt the EPR, which is to be progressively introduced: acute care hospitals, psychiatric clinics, rehabilitation centres, nursing homes and birthing centres.

From 2022, newly licensed medical practices are also required to offer the EPR.

Voluntary for all other healthcare professionals

For all other healthcare professionals, participation in the EPR system is voluntary. This applies to, for example, independent physicians licensed before 2022, pharmacists, Spitex providers or physiotherapists.

Additional information for professionals:

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